Living Long & Well- Perspectives on Extending a Happy & Health Life

Written by Beth Kamhi, DC, for the Brattleboro Reformer August 29th, 2014

How old is the oldest person you know? How old are your oldest relatives? How old do you hope to live?

Once virtually nonexistent, the world's population of centenarians is projected to reach nearly 6 million by midcentury. This population has already jumped from an estimated few thousand in 1950 to more than 340,000 worldwide today, with the highest concentrations in the U.S. and Japan, according to Census Bureau figures.

People living 100 years and longer are projected to grow at more than 20 times the rate of total population growth by 2050, making them the fastest growing age segment.
We are the first generation in history to receive advance notice that we will likely live longer than we ever thought, whether we like it or not! Your extended years can be active and healthy for 80, 90, 100 years and beyond.

The choices you make now will influence the quality of your life in the decades to come. You have the opportunity now to make your life healthier, fuller, and to matter more than ever.
This common sense longevity principle is simple. You are inherently designed to thrive as you age and you can, if you aid your body's Innate Intelligence, trust yourself, start making healthier choices, and make the changes you know you need to make to support good health.

Good choices include well-known factors referred to in chiropractic as the Triad of Health. Imbalance to any one or more of these areas leads to health challenges.

  • Chemical - One must have a healthy bio-chemical environment for cells to grow and repair. We all need fresh, natural, high quality food. It is important to maintain a healthy weight. Aim to reduce toxic exposures in your environment as much as possible and assist your systems in cleansing to eliminate those you cannot avoid.

  • Psychological - Equally important are the beliefs that we hold, the way we think and feel, and how we react to the stressors of life. Our powerful mind-body connection impacts the function of all of our organs in measurable ways like blood pressure, digestive changes, hormonal balance, and many other systems. Remember to laugh, relax, and trust that your body is able to handle many challenges.
  • Structural - Physical imbalance in our daily lives influences our health in many ways especially via stress upon our nervous system. For example, being seated for hours daily in front of a computer causes a weakening or imbalance in muscle function which in turn can misalign joints. Exercises, if done improperly, can be structural stressors. Physical injuries in life also affect our structure whether they are more severe like an auto or sports related injury or more subtle like sleeping wrong or a minor slip and fall. A structural imbalance left unaddressed over time can cause additional structural health issues as well as chemical and mental stressors. Your chiropractor is uniquely trained to help improve and maximize your structural good health.

Take care of your health now so you can prosper for a lifetime. It's the quality of our years that counts. Envision and take the actions to aim for a "sensational century" and enjoy the journey every step of the way.

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