Malady Makeover

Lyme-related illnesses can be difficult to diagnose and are viewed differently by various groups of practitioners. There is growing awareness about ticks, which can carry diseases that are transmitted to humans, causing a multitude of symptoms, some chronic. Finding better diagnostic tools and treatments is the focus of some practitioners' work, which is discussed in in Lisa James' article, "Malady Makeover" in the July/August 2014 issue of Energy Times. Following is an excerpt:

The slippery nature of B. burgdorferi also makes it difficult to pin down. Alexis Chesney, MS, ND, LAc, of Sojourns Community Health Clinic in Westminster, Vermont, says that in addition to the symptomatic free form, B. burgdorferi can develop into cysts and hide in biofilms, forms the body can't easily defend against. She says this helps explain Lyme disease's intermittent nature: 'It could be pain in a shoulder one day and in a knee the next.'

See the full article, "Malady Makeover" by Lisa James in the July/August 2014 issue of Energy Times.

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