Board of Directors Announces New Executive Director

As you may know, in January 2020, Cynthia Moore requested that the Sojourns' Board of Directors commence a search for a new Executive Director, as she felt it was time for her to step down from that role. The search was postponed for over a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, nearly two years later, we have fulfilled Cynthia's request.

We are thrilled to announce that Sara Allen has accepted the Board of Directors' offer to become Sojourns next Executive Director!

Sara is relocating from Virginia to Vermont and will begin work in January. She is a positive and energetic leader, bringing her healthcare experience, vision, creativity and passion to Sojourns. The Board is excited to work with Sara and we are confident that Sojourns will be well-positioned under her guidance to thrive in the years to come.

Sara has experience leading both non-profit and for-profit businesses. Her expertise in finance, strategic planning, program development, team building and fundraising are just what Sojourns needs for its next steps.

In Sara's own words, "I appreciate that the Clinic's model is truly integrative, recognizing the impact of finances, family, surroundings and more on a person's well-being. When these factors are ignored as part of a wellness plan, it can be challenging to achieve lasting change."

As Executive Director, Sara will work closely with everyone at Sojourns to support the Organizations' mission and preserve its financial stability. Sara understands how special the Clinic is and says "Sojourns has a dynamic cadre of individuals who know how to listen, empathize, collaborate well, and perhaps even challenge patterns of thinking that are not serving clients well. That your team meets daily indicates a respect for each person's area of expertise as it relates to the whole picture of a client's well-being."

Cynthia will be working with Sara to ensure that our transition to new leadership is as smooth as possible. And we thank Cynthia for all she has given to Sojourns! Perhaps the greatest gift we can give to her is that her legacy of success will continue far into the future.

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