Some Facts about Vermont's Lyme Epidemic

Tick imagesThough May is officially Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Illness Awareness Month, both May and June as well as the fall have high rates of reported tick bites.

Lyme disease is a preventable infectious disease transmitted through a tick bite. An organism called Borrelia burgdorferi, a specific type of bacteria called a spirochete, causes Lyme disease.

Not all of the CDC numbers are in for 2013, but for 2012 the reported numbers showed that New Hampshire had the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the nation, while Vermont had the third highest and Massachusetts had the fifth highest.

This map shows reported incidents of infection for VT by county for 2013.

Contrary to popular belief, fewer than half of patients with Lyme disease recall a tick bite. Fewer than half of patients with Lyme disease recall a "bull's eye" rash, which may appear three to 30 days after the tick bite.

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