Clif Steinberg, ND

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Dr. Clif Steinberg is a Naturopathic Physician focusing in Holistic Primary Care, Nutritional Medicine, and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Steinberg's approach to medicine is informed by many things, but especially by the lessons in ecology conferred by years in organic agriculture, which gave rise to his growing appreciation for how interconnected everything really is.

He is very passionate about helping others flourish and is amazed by the healing powers in each of us, and throughout nature. One of his main goals in his work is to help people trust in that incredible healing power, and begin to rely less on some of the things in modern life that interfere with it. Dr. Steinberg believes strongly in Sojourns and the emphasis on a collaborative model of care. He cares deeply about his patients and considers working with them a privilege. He believes in paying attention to who they are and what their challenges and joys in life are.

Dr. Steinberg earned his Doctor of Naturopathy degree from National College of Natural Medicine in 2001 and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California.

Clif is also passionate about good locally sourced food, and enjoys working with clients to explore ways to improve diet and use food as medicine.

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