Find out about our dedicated staff and why they chose to be at Sojourns. We value their contribution to your healing experience.


Brianna Schaefer, Medical Assistant

Brianna has been a Medical Assistant at Sojourns since 2016. In addition to helping with all the behind the scenes work that happens to make a clinic run, she's always there to take a call and truly listen to patients. Working primarily with Dr. Booth, Dr. Steinberg, and Dr. Pirkey, she is part of the team to ensure the details aren't missed, patients have access to their provider, and are offered the best care the clinic can offer.


Emily Stoddard

Emily Stoddard joined Sojourns in June of 2020. She is a Westminster, Vermont native, and is excited to find a career close to home. Emily works in Client Services and Clinical Support.


Sara Allen, Executive Director

As the Executive Director for Sojourns Community Health Clinic, Sara brings nearly 20 years of experience that includes organizational development, consulting, communications, fundraising and strategic planning. Her unique combination of business and nonprofit savvy enables an integrated approach to sustainable growth.


Aliana Bloch

Since rejoining Sojourns in 2015, Aliana Bloch has played an important role in the growth and development of Sojourns' Apothecary and was promoted to Apothecary Manager in 2017.


Courtney Grenier

Courtney Grenier joined Sojourns' Billing/Patient Accounts department in May 2014. She previously worked for an engineering firm.

Liz Burns

Tracy Laird

Tracy Laird is in Client Services. "I love working here because of all the great people I meet and work with everyday."

Crystal Furtado

Crystal Stevens

Crystal Stevens is the Billing Coordinator. "...favorite things was giving people the tools to take charge of their healthcare and become their own advocate.


Julia Perks

After serving as Sojourns' Board Administrator Julia joined Sojourns as the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in April 0f 2014.

Diane Provost

Diane Provost

Diane Provost is in Client Services. "I wanted to work in a place where a community of people believed they could make a difference."

Cheryl Sanctuary, COO

Cheryl Sanctuary, COO

Cheryl Sanctuary, BSN, RN, MA has worked in the medical field for over twenty years as a COO, director, practice manager, and Registered Nurse.

Wanda West

Wanda West

Wanda West is one of Sojourns' Client Services Coordinators. She is affectionately known as "the voice of Sojourns".

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I feel tended to, nourished here. When, on a snowy day I called unsure I'd make it, I heard "Call us if you don't come so we don't worry about you." That's caring.

Libbet Downs, Reading VT

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