Cheryl Sanctuary, COO

Cheryl Sanctuary, COO

Cheryl Sanctuary, BSN, RN, MA has worked in the medical field for over twenty years as a COO, director, practice manager, and Registered Nurse, at times managing as many as twelve practices at once.

She has been involved in the Chronic Care Initiative, working with Vermont Program for Quality in Healthcare (VPQHC), Vermont Blueprint For Health and the Local Chronic Care Collaborative.

Her belief in preventive care and in creating an environment for wellness versus illness is what brought Cheryl to Sojourns. She works to promote the wellness of patients on a personal level, getting people involved in their own healthcare.

Cheryl earned her Masters of Art in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Union Institute and University in 2010 and has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from University of New Hampshire.

Cheryl loves to hike and walk in the woods, as well as kayak, swim and quilt.

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