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Welcome to Sojourns, we look forward to working with you!


Sojourns is handicap accessible. However, we are a two-level facility and do not have elevator access to the second floor, though we do have a stair chair. If you are unable to use stairs with the aid of a stair chair, please inform us when you schedule your appointment so we can accommodate your needs.

Online Fillable Forms

Completion of our new patient forms is an important part of your first appointment. We understand the process of completing forms can take time, so we have made them available for you to complete via a secure online site. Please call us to request a link to the forms. The forms vary by type of appointment, so we will want to know what service(s) you are requesting.

Primary Care

We offer holistic primary care. We invite you to read our statement of intent for our primary care program and consider whether our primary care philosophy matches what you are seeking for your care.

Opioid Policy

One of our foundational medical principles is to "First, do no harm." We see this as a very broad statement that encompasses immediate and long-term perspectives, individuals and communities, as well as local and wider ecosystems. With this in mind, and with what we now know about the many problems caused by opioid medications in the world today, we have adopted the following restrictive policy regarding the prescribing of opioid medications. Please read Sojourns' Opioid Policy Agreement to learn more.

Patient Bill of Rights

Scent-Free & Cell Phone Use Policies

In consideration of our chemically sensitive employees and clients, we request that all visitors to the clinic abstain from using any fragrances including fabric softeners, perfumes, colognes and/or highly scented soaps.

Cell phone use within the clinic is discouraged except in the case of an emergency.

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"In a world where the patient is increasingly ignored by, condescended to, and belittled for her medical concerns, Sojourns listens, nurtures and heals. Thank you!"

Suzanne Kingsbury., Brattleboro VT

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