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Sojourns' 2016 Annual Report

Read our 2016 Annual Report. In addition to reporting by each Board President, Linnie Jones; Executive Director, Cynthia Moore; and Treasurer, Hayes Stagner on events and financial measures for the year and Sojourns' outlook, there are a number of special features: An article, "The Epicenter of Lyme Disease" by Dr. Alexis Chesney; an interview with client Kate Burnim about her experience with Lyme and treatment at Sojourns; excerpts from our 2016 Patient Experience Survey; and the second installment of the history-in-progress of the Sojourns' property, "A Brief Sketch of Seth Arnold" who was the first owner of the house by architectural historian Richard Ewald.

Sojourns' 2014 Annual Report

Read our 2014 Annual Report. This report includes results of our Patient Satisfaction Survey, an article, "Art With Heart" about the artwork displayed at Sojourns, and special tributes to each Kathy Daigle and Linda addition to our traditional annual reporting.

Sojourns' 2013 Annual Report

Read the Sojourn's 2013 Annual Report. 2013 marked Sojourns' 13th year in business. This report includes a summary of the year in the Executive Director's Report by Cynthia Moore and Board President's Reflections by Linda Haltinner. Other articles include looking at the services provided, staff additions, testimonials and financial reports.

Also available in the print layout: Annual Report 2013 - Print version.

Fall 2013 - Sojourns' Special Sauce

Everytime we create a newsletter, we do so with the intent of bringing the flavor of Sojourns to life. We aspire to illustrate what we call Sojourns' Special Sauce and to bring a taste of this magical place to life on the pages. You will find this issue peppered throughout with quotations from our clients, offered to us as gifts of encouragement over the years. Read our November 2013 Newsletter(PDF)

Fall 2011 - Celebration and Hope

The themes of this issue of our Newsletter are celebration and hope.We celebrate the extraordinary opportunity we create by partnering with our clients to meet their goals....Read our Newsletter Fall 2011 (PDF)

Fall 2010 - Sojourns' 10th Birthday

This issue of our newsletter is a special one, as it also marks Sojourns' 10th Birthday. I am happy to have this opportunity to update you on some of the many exciting projects we are working on, and to introduce you to some of our talented staff and practitioners. Mostly I am grateful for the people we serve--our patients, community, donors, board, staff, collaborating practitioners, partners, founders and friends...Read our Newsletter Fall 2010 (PDF)

Fall 2009 - Giving Thanks

This Fall issue of the newsletter is arriving just in time for Thanksgiving. What better time to give thanks to everyone who makes Sojourns the special place it has become for so many? As we approach our 9th birthday, we reflect on all we've accomplished with pride, while continuing to dream about where we are going...Read the Newsletter Fall 2009 (PDF)

Fall 2008 - The 4 W's

This Fall issue of the newsletter should be subtitled "the 4 W's" ! It is s packed with information about Who we are, What we think ,Why we work the way we do, and Where we are headed. I hope you enjoy reading about our work as much as we enjoy doing it and sharing it with you... Read the Newsletter Fall 2008 (PDF)

Spring 2008 - Spring

Welcome to the Spring issue of Sojourns' newsletter. I hope this issue gives you a variety of insights and inspirations as we all transistion from this long winter into this new season of growth and expansion. It seems fitting that we are featuring Rod Payne-Meyer's work, as this is the time of year when nearly everyone entering our doors remarks on the beauty of the gardens and their part in creating the healing environment that is Sojourns...Read the Newsletter Spring 2008 (PDF)

Fall 2007 - Our First Issue

We hope you enjoy this first issue of Sojourns' quarterly newsletter ! As you will discover, we've made lots of exciting prog- ress here at Sojourns over the last year. We continue to strive to meet our goals of making high quality integrated care acces- sible for all in our community... Read the Newsletter Fall 2007 (PDF)

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"Sojourns is a new model in medicine, a holistic model, one that recognizes that people are just that, people, with concerns of the mind, body, and spirit, not merely diseases to be dissected, problems to be solved, or insurance hassles to be overcome."

Kim Peavey, Westmoreland, NH

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