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Inspiring Change

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Sojourns Community Health Clinic was founded as an innovative response to the need for a change in how our culture views health and delivers healthcare.

Our mission is to inspire and model possibility and change in healthcare.

Goals and Principles We Follow

The following explicit goals and founding principles of Sojourns serve as the foundation of our practice:

  • To establish integrated multi-disciplinary practitioner teams as the norm because they offer patients a depth of perspective in diagnosis and treatment options which greatly exceeds that of any single discipline.
  • To redefine clients' expectations of health and wellness to include the sense of possibility inherent in an understanding of their body's wisdom, and a renewed belief in one's ability to actively participate in and influence their own healing journey, through education and practice.
  • To increase public demand for, and accessibility to, holistic integrated care beginning with a grass roots effort.

Putting Our Mission into Practice

We translate our mission into practice by:

  • Partnering with our clients; enabling us to recognize and respect them as individuals, help them deepen their understanding of their bodies, enrich their sense of possibility and support them in re-attaining healthy balance through conscious life-style choices
  • Approaching each client holistically, treating the person not the disease, listening with empathy and compassion, recognizing the wisdom and potential of the human body as a means of unraveling symptoms and serving as guides for our clients' journeys to health
  • Recognizing that true health implies a dynamic balance in every aspect of ones' life; and that clients' relationships to their environment, finances, families, work and other surroundings are integrally related to their overall well-being and create a context for evaluating and addressing their current state of health.

What Makes us Unique

Sojourns seeks to empower people with respect to their health and their personal growth. We do this through education and by involving each client in the process of making choices for their own care.

As practitioners we are allies, resources and partners. As a clinic we are a center for active healing, wellness support and information exchange.

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"Sojourns is a new model in medicine, a holistic model, one that recognizes that people are just that, people, with concerns of the mind, body, and spirit, not merely diseases to be dissected, problems to be solved, or insurance hassles to be overcome."

Kim Peavey, Westmoreland, NH

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