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Sojourns Community Health Clinic is a non-profit 501c 3 organization located in Westminster, Vermont. Our mission as a clinic is to deliver high-quality, affordable health care and educational programs in a collaborative, client-centered environment.

We currently serve nearly 400 clients per week. The wide range of services we offer successfully bridges the gap between conventional and holistic through integrated practice.

Our Core Practice Philosophy

The following are basic tenets of our core practice philosophy:

An integrated multi-disciplinary approach. Sojourns' practice methodology reflects our belief that an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to client care yields better results than a specialist model. Our practitioner team intentionally represents a variety of disciplines reflecting long traditions of experience and extensive education, each offering a unique perspective.

Integrated, collaborative patient care. Daily practitioner meetings serve as an on-going venue for integrated, collaborative patient care. Patient-focused protocols are developed and refined using the model of a wheel in which each approach represents a spoke supporting the client in the center, with the synergy between practitioners creating the rim.

Patient education and empowerment. We recognize that healing requires active participation on the part of the patient, and that outcomes and prognosis are inextricably tied to an individuals' attitudes, responses and beliefs surrounding their ability to heal.

Through education, we strive to empower and engage our clients, helping them to explore and expand the degree to which they are able to contribute to their healing process.

We are committed to helping to create educated healthcare consumers who understand the importance and potential of their roles for participating in their own care and determining positive outcomes.

Access to quality healthcare. We believe excellent healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We know that good, evidence-based holistic care will become mainstream when it is widely available and there is a strong public demand for it. We are committed to working with our patients, communities and legislatures to ensure increasing access to quality healthcare on an individual, local and global basis.

Multi-disiplinary clinical team. Our clinical team consists of more than 20 practitioners representing many disciplines, including: western and naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy,nutritional counseling, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and bodywork. .

Reaching out with educational programs. In addition to our clinical practice we also offer educational programs including periodic free lectures and frequent workshops.

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"Sojourns is a new model in medicine, a holistic model, one that recognizes that people are just that, people, with concerns of the mind, body, and spirit, not merely diseases to be dissected, problems to be solved, or insurance hassles to be overcome."

Kim Peavey, Westmoreland, NH

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