The Sojourns Difference

We invite you to find out about Sojourns' mission and why we are different. Read about what our clients have to say about our services and the care we have provided.

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Our Services and Team

The services we offer, our experienced practitioners and welcoming staff are the core strength of Sojourns as a health clinic. Questions? Please call us.

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Patient Resources

From the Apothecary to forms that new and current patients will find useful for their visits, this section also has an FAQ to help with common questions.

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Wellspring Blog

Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleansing can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As we shift from the cold winter to the changing weather of spring, many people are prone to getting colds; however a simple dietary cleanse can help keep your system strong through the transition.


Chiropractic is for More than Low Back Pain

Chiropractic can be effective in treating other areas of the body including the extremities: jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists/hand, ankles/feet.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a safe and effective manual therapy technique used by physical therapists to treat patients with a variety of soft tissue disorders.


Values of Farm Fresh Food

At Sojourns Community Health Clinic, we often recommend a diet that is based in lots of non-starchy vegetables, healthy proteins, and healthy fat sources.



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